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Affiliate Notice

We Use Affiliate Programs

Part of the monetization strategy for the KetoBowl.com family of websites is affiliate programs. Our recommendations will often come from products we actually review and use. So, you can trust that the products, services, merchants, and vendors we recommend are ones we believe you and our readers will find useful.

What is an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is a hyperlink that appears in a post or on a page that links to a product or service we recommend. The important part to note here is that KetoBowl.com earns a commission when you use an affiliate link to buy or try one of the products or services we recommend.

Not all links on our sites are affiliate links. In fact, the large majority of the links you see on KetoBowl, LiquidKeto, and KetoBowlKitchen.com will be links that connect you to resources, evidence-backed research, and related topics.

We don’t make money off those. Those links exist to provide you with a better experience.

We are affiliates through several affiliate networks, including Amazon.com, ClickBank, CJ.com, eBay, and a handful of others.

KetoBowl.com is a new resource. We are working hard to build our credibility and provide our readers with stellar, objective insights on the low-carb lifestyle. As such, our reputation is important to us.

It’s important to us that you, the reader, continue to consider KetoBowl.com a reliable resource. So, we are selective about what products we recommend, as we don’t want to do anything that may hinder our chances of further building trust, growing our audience, and being able to land awesome interviews.

Third-Party Ads

A select few text and image ads that appear on KetoBowl.com are Google Adsense and Amazon ads. While we may not directly endorse those products, we do encourage you to consider them if you see some any products or services advertised that you believe may be of use to you. But in a spirit of transparency, we do confirm that these ads are not curated by us, and we have no direct affiliation with the products or services presented in the ads.