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Terms of Use

Welcome to Keto Bowl!

Keto Bowl is a purpose-driven company that exists to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health. Our current mission is to make low carb simple.

Below are the terms that apply anytime you use Ketobowl.com.


To achieve our mission of making low carb simple we provide visitors with the knowledge, tools and inspiration we believe they will benefit from, to the best of our ability.

Please note that the information we provide at Ketobowl.com is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional. We encourage you to inform your physician of changes you make to your lifestyle and discuss these with him or her.

For questions or concerns about any medical conditions you may have, please contact your doctor.


Feel free to use our articles and guides as long as you add a clearly visible link or reference to our site, and indicate if changes to our content were made. You may use such content in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests Keto Bowl endorses you or your usage of our content.

You may not use our recipes or membership content unless you have obtained the right to do so from us.

You may not use our content for commercial purposes unless you have obtained the right to do so from us.

Privacy Policy

Ketobowl.com stores and uses personal information in order to provide you with good service. We will never sell your information, and will only share it with third parties as described here.

We are committed to protect your information and use leading technologies and encryption software to safeguard your data, and keep strict security standards to prevent any unauthorized access to it.

The information we store

Comments, Ratings, Favorites, Questions and similar information

When you submit information to Ketobowl.com to comment on posts and articles, rate a recipe or video, answer a question, or mark content as favorite or to watch later, the internet address you’re using will be stored in addition to the information you’re entering.

Member information

A member’s name, email address and internet address used when ordering a membership will be stored. We also store data on your order and how members use the site (video views, ratings, last visit etc.).

Your stored personal information and order information are displayed on your account page once you have become a member.

Access Logs

Ketobowl.com stores standard access logs of all visits to the site. This includes access time, URL, internet address, and browser information.


Ketobowl.com uses cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your computer. They make it possible to place orders, to manage your account information, and to better serve you when you visit the website.

Some cookies are stored on your computer until you delete them. It you want to avoid storing cookies, you can turn off the feature in your web browser. However, this means that for example you can not log in or sign up to become a member.

Our publishing system WordPress may store a number of temporary or permanent cookies to enable logging in and to facilitate entry of comments on the site. We also store temporary cookies when you register and pay for membership.

Sharing of information with third parties

In general, Ketobowl.com will not share your details with any third party unless absolutely required to do so by law. The exception is third-party providers Ketobowl.com uses to provide our services.

Below is a list of the third-party providers Ketobowl.com uses and what information these have access to:

Akismet anti-spam service

Ketobowl.com shares information about all blog comments to help avoid comment spam.

Amazon SES

Ketobowl.com uses Amazon SES to send most e-mails. Apart from name and e-mail address of the receiver the content may contain membership information.

Braintree and PayPal

Ketobowl.com uses Braintree and PayPal to process payments. When you pay, the information required to process the payment is handled through SSL encryption by our payment-service provider Braintree (or PayPal if you use that payment option).

Google Analytics

Ketobowl.com uses Google Analytics to help us understand how our website is used and therefore Google Analytics stores cookies on our site.

Sharing buttons and widgets for FaceBook, Pinterest and Twitter

Ketobowl.com uses social-media technology to allow you to share Ketobowl.com content. These services use their own third-party cookies.

Vimeo and YouTube

Ketobowl.com uses video services (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) that store their own third-party cookies.

Use of information from third parties

The right to request and modify personal information

You have the right to order a copy of the data we have on you. You may also request that we correct personal information, or that we remove your personal information completely.

To order a copy or request a change of your personal information, please send a message to: admin@ketobowl.com

Remember to include your date of birth and to sign the letter.

Additional membership terms

Membership is free for the first 30 days. If you cancel your membership before the 30 days are up, no charge will be made.

On your account page you can also cancel your subscription at any time. No further charges will be made after cancellation.

For more questions and answers see our FAQ. If you have other questions please feel to contact us at admin@ketobowl.com (we try to answer all questions within 24 hours).

More membership questions

Frequently asked questions and answers

Do you have other questions or thoughts? Please feel free to email info@ketobowl.com.